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TITLE Boxing Club Membership

A TITLE Boxing Club membership helps you to lose weight and feel great. Gym memberships are customized to fit your needs and vary in length and style. You can choose from personal memberships and family memberships. Find a Club near you to design the perfect TITLE Boxing Club gym membership and start losing weight today.


Our TITLE Card Members have unlimited access to all TITLE Boxing Clubs nationwide. Nationwide membership includes unlimited access to Power Hours, cardio machines, free weights and boxing equipment. You have easy payment options and exclusive TITLE Card Membership perks. Ask your TITLE Boxing Club Fort Collins representative about TITLE Card Membership options today!

Personal Club Membership

Personal gym memberships provide access to all scheduled boxing and kickboxing classes, including the exercise equipment at TITLE Boxing Club Fort Collins during normal business hours. Membership includes as many scheduled Power Hour boxing and kickboxing workouts as you’d like. Plus, as a member, you can contract with a TITLE Boxing Club boxing or kickboxing trainer for an hour or half hour personal training sessions for an additional fee.

Family Club Membership

Family gym memberships are designed for a family living together under one roof. Children (eight and older) are welcome to join their parents or an older sibling for boxing and kickboxing workouts. The family membership has access to all scheduled boxing and kickboxing classes, including the exercise equipment during normal business hours.

First Shot Free

Come check out TITLE Boxing Club Fort Collins. Step in on one of our classes and see what you think. Visit the club, meet our trainers and try a boxing or kickboxing class for free. We welcome the community to check out our club and give it a shot before joining. Sign up for your First Shot Free — we’ll see you soon!

*Age restrictions can vary. Please check the age restrictions.

Energetic group fitness classes where you can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour.
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